Before registering your organization, you must make sure that all the documents and items listed below are completed along with the registration form(s).

Documents Required for Registration

Local CSOs seeking to apply must accompany their application with a signature and contain the following particulars:

  • The minutes of the formative meeting indicating the names, addresses and citizenship of the founders;
  • Copy of the identity card or passport of the founders;
  • The name of the organization and its logo, if it has one;
  • The objectives of the organization and its intended sector of operation;
  • The region where it intends to operate;
  • The rules of the organization approved by the founders;
  • The organization’s address;

Foreign non-governmental organization shall, in addition to the conditions mentioned above, be accompanied with the following documents:

  • Duly authenticated certificate of registration showing its establishment from its country of origin;
  • Duly authenticated resolution of its competent organ to operate in Ethiopia;
  • Duly authenticated power of delegation of the country representative; Letter of recommendation from the embassy in which the charity is incorporated or in the absence of such by a competent authority in that country or from Ministry of Foreign affairs of federal democratic republic of Ethiopia and;
  • An action plan for a minimum period of two years.

An application for registration by a consortium shall be signed and submitted by the head of their representative organization and shall contain the following particulars:

  • Rules of the consortium signed by the representatives of founder;
  • The minutes of the decision among members to form the consortium;
  • A certificate of registration issued by the Agency or authorized regional government body to the members of the consortium.

The applicant shall pay a registration fee to be determined by the relevant Regulation.

The Civil Society Organizations Board may issue directives on details regarding the registration and administration of professional associations.

Downloadable forms

New registration application form for Local Organizations
New Registration Foreign Application form
New Registration Consortium Form