ACSO also conducts researches on multiple levels to gain a deeper understanding of the CSO sector and improve general conditions across the sector.

  • Identify the objectives of civil society organizations and scan for risks that may harm public interest;
  • Identify and reduce operational and organizational bottlenecks in policy implementation;
  • Conduct a study of civil society organizations' to better further understand CSOs and their impacts across the country
  • Provide research on solutions for the benefit of the community.
  • Collect and organize, information needed for policy performance appraisal research;
  • Conduct research that strengthens the relationship between the Agency, regional governments, sector administration and civil society organizations, and facilitates the implementation of findings
  • Identify the number of organizations operating across the country along with full information
  • Analyze the effectiveness of programs and projects,
  • Identify issues for policy input, and make recommendations where applicable