Property transfer

Should a CSO stop operations and chooses to announce closure, the agency will assist in the following manner:

  • Vet civil society organizations that are no longer in operation;
  • Upon request process assets for the removal or transfer of property from closed civil society organizations.
  • Inspects documents and Properly manages assets;
  • Review auditing process and recommend, where there are doubts, an appointment with the Agency’s Auditor.
  • If the existence of misappropriated assets has been proven, catalog information for further investigation.
  • Certify the closure of closed companies’ assets and liabilities and public transfer,
  • Provide clearance to ensure that the management of closed CSO assets have been properly handed over.
  • Reimburse costs incurred in the process of screening, transferring and disposing of property as the stated guidelines;
  • Once approved recommend, that assets of closed or existing civil society organizations to be submitted to the Agency voluntarily, in accordance with the Proclamation.
  • Encourage civil society organizations to legally discard property that is out of use and cannot be transferred to another body;
  • Evaluate the market value of CSO assets collect and transfer the assets of the closed enterprises that cannot be collected but transferred to another entity, and submit to the team leader the technical assistance request for the assistance of those who are incapable or need special skills.
  • Prepare bidding documents and participate in the bidding process at the request of civil society organizations.
  • Analyze and evaluate the bidders and submit recommendations to the Bid Approval Committee.
  • Provide clearance to ensure that the leadership of the closed civil society organizations have properly handed over public properties and assets they have been using during their time of operation.
  • Investigates property sales rights to ensure whether the tax exemption is expired or not;
  • Examine the claims of the rights holder and make recommendations to the team leader or directorate;
  • Assess the value of current assets and oversee the transfer and disposal process to ensure the process is streamlined and should problems arise collaborate with concerned and relevant bodies to remedy the situation.