The event is organized by the Authority for civil society organizations, the conveners of the civil BRICS forum from Russia had a discussion with the representatives of the authority and the representatives of civil society organizations of Ethiopia.
At the forum, the Deputy Director General of Authority for Civil Society Organizations Mr. Fassikaw Mola, President of the Council of Civil Society Organizations Dr. Nigusu Legese and representatives of civil society organizations working on health and environmental protection were presented. The Deputy Director General of the Authority for Civil Society Organizations, Mr. Fassikaw Mola, stated that Ethiopia, being a member of BRICS, is actively participating in all sectors to ensure the benefits of the country. May be an image of 9 people, dais and text
Mr. Fassikaw Mola gave a detailed explanation to the delegation about the management of civil society in Ethiopia at the forum, and BRICS Civil Forum for Ethiopian civil society to find a new and additional partner. By strengthening the ties between the government, civil society organizations and the private sector; Developing the sector by creating various exchange opportunities; By enhancing people-to-people relations, which is one of the main objectives of BRICS; and by pointing out that it is significant importance to increase the benefit of the country and the people by implementing projects together, he emphasized that it should be moved with focus within the framework of BRICS. At the forum, Dr. Victoria Panova, the head of the BRICS Council of Senior Experts and the convener of the BRICS Civil Forum, gave an explanation regarding BRICS, especially focusing on the areas of focus that BRICS prioritizes.
Dr. Victoria Panova pointed out that the BRICS Civil Forum will open a new chapter of cooperation between Ethiopia and the BRICS member countries and expressed that they will work closely with Ethiopia. Leaders of Ethiopian civil societies who participated in the forum presented statements about the activities they have done and the cooperation frameworks that should be in place in the future.