H.E. Samson Biratu, Director General of Authority for Civil Society Organization, held a fruitful discussion with the delegation led by the Chief of the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia.

Regarding issues of enhancing the civil society organization’s contribution towards the development activities and country building, discussion has been made with the representative who works in collaboration with deputy head of the China embassy in Ethiopia.
Discussion also made on the issues of the civil society organizations Contribution towards the development activities and country building based on the two countries bilateral relationship.
During the meeting the issues has been raised to share experience concerning the procedure the Chinese civil societies should follow, to this point of view vast emphases has been given explaining that Ethiopia’s work towards civil society organizations.
He further stressed out that to consolidate the cooperation, strengthening the institution that undertake follow up activity of the China civil society organizations is required and by providing support to the institution to build its capacity is necessary. He additionally conveyed that he desires to work in collaboration so as to empower the civil society organizations in having important role to the overall country building process.