This branch of our office helps CSOs form partnerships that are beneficial to the public. We encourage and facilitate good working relations and partnerships with international organizations and local organizations. In this aspect, the agency will fulfill the following duties:

  • Participate in the development of strategic partnerships, guidelines, forms, and checklists for civil society organizations, provide recommendations, and, when approved, provide training and implement these directives.
  • Revisit proclamations, laws, guidelines and strategies to help foster strategic partnership and collaboration to better solve problems.
  • The Agency prepares manuals and agreements for the coordination of monitoring, evaluation and investigation in collaboration with sector administrations and regional governments.
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of activities in collaboration with national and international stakeholders and identities, identifies gaps identified
  • Collaborate with relevant national and international stakeholders and civil society organizations to establish a sustainable system;
  • Implement accepted solutions around specific gaps in relationships with national and international stakeholders;
  • Monitor, evaluate, and provide feedback on programs and projects supported by resources from partners;