Our services are developed to ensure that laws concerning ACSO and CSOs are implemented correctly.

List of departmental services
    • Collect, prosecute, fileand avail information in the event of violations of civil society organizations;
    • Prepare and file an affidavit; Preparing and filing intervention complaintsagainst civil society organizations;
    • Prepare and file  restraining orders; Prepare and file counterclaims; Interfere with civil society organizations, appeals and petitions;
    • Provide legal advice services, develop guidelines with relevant departments, approve and implement them, and monitor the implementation of guidelines;
    • Regularly inspect legal gaps in the proclamation and submit legal opinions to the relevant body;
    • Provide training, clarification or legal counselto ACSO’s departments in legal matters;
    • Collect and distribute proclamations related to the Agency, prepare and distribute legal awareness pamphlets
    • Advocate for legal matters involving agency staff in court or at any level on behalf of the agency.