ACSO also helps charities and promotes volunteering across the country.

List of departmental services
    • Identify priority areas requiring periodic volunteering;
    • Identify which sectors of the society (institutional and non-governmental organizations) should be supported
    • Coordinate volunteers, support their organization, and give certification;
    • Provide relevant information and services in the field to individuals, volunteers and international partners applying to be members of the Agency.
    • Monitor, evaluate, and report volunteer work at all levels from time to time;
    • Produce, disseminate, and share best practices in the field of volunteer work with individuals, indigenous and international organizations through various newspapers, media outlets.
    • Manage resources under  the Civil Society Fund;
    • Find a variety of sources of funding for civil society organizations;
    • Provide financial support and resources for organizations and sources of funding;
    • Support for profits by transferring proceeds from the sale of assets to fund management;
    • Combine resources from donor organizations and using the resources available to the community in a lawful manner.
    • Support and monitor the use of funds in accordance with the guidelines prepared by the Agency;