Please note that this special issue will open for submissions on 1st November 2021

Guest Editors

Seraina C. Anagnostopoulou, University of Piraeus, Department of Banking and Financial Management, Greece,
Vassiliki Grougiou, University of Macedonia, Department of Business Administration, Greece,
Joanne Tingey-Holyoak, University of South Australia, Australia,

Background and motivations

Following the growing involvement of business in sustainability and social welfare academic research in this area has expanded significantly over the last decade (Buyukozkan and Karabulut, 2018; Kudlak and Low, 2015). The need for special attention on sustainability research arises due to the challenges faced by scholarship, including lack of novelty, theoretical and methodological rigour, and significant contribution – especially the case when there is limited demonstration of appropriate contextual underpinnings (Justin and Criado, 2020; Mura et al., 2018). Furthermore, the multidimensional and multidisciplinary nature of sustainability research can create inherent challenges for measurement, assessment, communication and interpretation (Barnett et al., 2020; Cowan and Guzman, 2020; Crane and Glozer, 2016; Verk et al., 2021).

Following the SAMPJ tradition in critically evaluating and synthesising existing literature (e.g., Dienes et al., 2016; Silva and Schaltegger, 2019), this Special Issue call seeks review-based research on any sustainability research topic – domain, theory, method or context – that is important to practice, policy and research. We aim to deepen our understanding of sustainability by developing novel paradigms, uncovering patterns and discouraging recycled research.

We invite traditional qualitative and quantitative literature reviews (e.g., meta-studies). The authors should demonstrate a state-of-the-art understanding and critical discussion of theories, methodologies, data, findings, and failures. Discussion should link previously unconnected research streams and studies, disrupt/set boundaries, and signal areas of new research on sustainability.

We seek review articles that significantly advance existing knowledge on sustainability research over a diverse range of topics that refer, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • The role of formal and informal institutions in the sustainable development of corporations, regions and countries
  • The relationship between sustainability performance, disclosure and economic performance, including through ESG, CSR and integrated financial reporting (<IR>)
  • The relationships between human rights, inclusiveness and diversity on sustainability performance and sustainable development
  • Water, carbon and other natural resources trading, accounting and auditing and its relationship to sustainable development
  • The impact of crises (pandemic, economic) on sustainable development
  • The role of NGOs and other constituencies of civil society in sustainable development/strategy/social policy
  • Self-regulation, voluntary compliance, codes of conduct and best practice in sustainable development
  • The role of responsible leadership and corporate philanthropy in sustainable development
  • The value of co-creation on sustainable development
  • Social responsibility and sustainability in product/service development, cause-related marketing, reputation, and brand equity

Submission Deadline and Guidelines

Submitted papers will be assessed in line with SAMPJ’s objectives, originality, their amalgamation of related literature, methodology, and relevance to accounting and management practice and policy. Predominantly papers will be selected based on their contributions to advancing understanding of the sustainability research field. Potential contributors can contact the SAMPJ’s Special Issue Editors to discuss their ideas before submission to resolve any of their queries. Full papers will be subject to the SAMPJ standard double-blind review process.

The papers should not exceed 40 double space pages (10,000 words) (including references). All submissions should follow the SAMPJ author guidelines available here.

Kindly submit your papers to the SAMPJ ScholarOne submission portal here, in the Special Issue category: ‘Sustainability Research Review Papers’.

Submission deadline: 1 May 2022


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