Instractions to access our servicess online_part two

1. Registration of Foreign Civil Society Organization
2. Registration of Local Civil Society Organization
3. Issuance of Letter for Pronouncement of Civil Society Organization Logo
4. Issuance of Letter for Registered Civil Society Organizations’ First Bank Account Opening
5. Verification of Name Change for Civil Society Organization
6. Replacement of Lost Certificate
7. Evaluate the amended bylaw of CSO’s
8. Issuance of Notification Letter for Structure Change of Civil Society Organization
9. Registration of Charitable Committee
10. Recognition of Management Members and managers of Civil Society Organization
11. Provision of Authenticated Copy of Documents
12. Issuance of Support Letter for Preparation of printing voucher and stamp
13. Certificate, registration certificate and by law Authentication service
14. Issuance of Support letter for to whom it may concern or Registration announcing letter for concerning Offices(Registration).
15. Issuance of Notification Letter for Merger of Civil Society Organizations
16. Notification of Division of Civil Society Organizations
17. Registering a new Civil Society organizations consortium
18. Service of Inspect the closed CSO’s, give recommendation and prepare closing letter.
19. Service of receive compliant, Investigate the compliant, prepare a report and give feed backs
20. Service of Project evaluation and give feed backs
21. Supporting CSO’s on General assembly or Board meetings
22. Support letter for additional new bank account opening
23. Support letter for work permit /new/
24. Support letter for work permit /renewal/
25. Support letter for Tax free
26. Support letter for plate no. 35
27. Issuance of Supporting letter for Vat return
28. Support letter for To whom it may concern or Registration announcing letter for concerning Offices (Monitoring And Evaluation).
29. Evaluating Annual Report, Annual Audit Report & Annual plan.
30. Support letter for change of bank signatories
31. Support letter for additional bank signatories
32. Support letter for paying from suspended account
33. Issuance of Supporting letter for closing bank account
34. Issuing letter of support for road transport and revenue for agent associations service
35. Providing clearance services to civil society
36. Issuing a letter of support for the representation of documents to civil society
37. Issuance of Provide transfer and disposal services to civil society organizations
38. Issuance of A letter of support for all concerned
39. Issuance of supporting letter for return the license plate of damaged or sold vehicles
40. Issuance Of Certificate and Letter Correction Service
41. Issuance Of Information Desk Service
42. Service for receiving complaints related to corruption
43. Issuance Of Call For Proposal
44. Issuance of monitoring and evaluation for fund giving service
45. Issuance Of Sell the used properties by bid